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Walk from the transition area south down the Capital Trail to the ramp below the Boathouse Restaurant to the wooden steps. Go down to the long marina dock and for an in-water start beside the dock with the gas pump. 

The swim cut-off time for the half is 70 minutes from your wave start, 60 minute cut off for the Oly. If you are familiar with the former Rocketts Landing Tri swim course, the swim will extend 150 meters beyond "the rock" for a 1.2 mile swim in the James River starting from the dock at the Boathouse Restaurant. The expected river temp will be in the mid 70's and likely wetsuit eligible. The river current is tidal, yet the "fall line" with the rock beds actively slows down the current speed. Per city regulations, the river height must be below 5' to allow swimmers in the water. Sighting tips are based on 2 big landmarks. Swim east toward the left shoreline, orange buoys on your right. Round the red turn buoys, keeping them on your right and swim straight back using the smokestack of the Boathouse Restaurant as your guide. Exit is at the small boat dock, look for the flags and ladder.

The new Sprint swim course is simply a shortened version of the Olympic course. 

Half Swim Course Map . *Updated 09-13-16

The swim cut-off time for the Olympic is 60 minutes from your wave start.

Olympic Swim Course Map *Updated 9-13-16

Sprint Swim Course Map  *Updated 9-13-16



The half course will overlap some of the former Rocketts Tri course yet expand beyond the beautiful east end Richmond rural roads. It will head out east onto Osbourne/RT 5 and Kingsland, with a lollipop loop. The bike course is pretty flat in some areas with a some rollers, single digit hill at mile 1 - yet short. It will be one loop, scenic, rural, with a cool skyline view to rock back into transition at Shiplock Park. There will be two strategically placed bottle hand offs on this course and portalets at miles 18 (Citgo station) Charles City RD and mile 43 at Buffin/Kingsland. Have a trash bottle ready to handoff that will not be returned. Bike course cut off time is 4 hrs from the end of the swim cut off of your wave and course support will be released by 12:30pm.

The Olympic-distance course will mirror the former Rocketts Tri course with an adjustment to the turnaround to accommodate rider traffic on the Half course. It is essentially the first and last quarter of the Half course. The turnaround is on WRVA Road very shortly after you turn off Kingsland - do not ride all the way to the dead end. 

Safety Note: At the Intersection of Mill & Osbourne Turnpike there will be a merge of the race courses: within 100 feet of this intersection in all directions is a NO PASSING zone for cyclists to ensure your safety. 

Half Iron Bike Course Map : printable PDF *Revised 9-13-16

Olympic 40K Bike Course Map : printable PDF *Revised 9-15-16

Sprint 12.7mi Bike Course Map : printable PDF *Revised 9-15-16


The run starts at Great Shiplock Park along the Canal. The Half Iron athletes will first head south towards a turnaround near the swim exit and then return towards Transition. The Sprint and Olympic Athletes will head north.  You will head along the Cap Trail aside Dock St onto the historical Canal Walk, up the ramp onto 14th street, south across the bridge, right on West 7th Street, left on Semmes and an immediate right across Semmes into the Floodwall parking lot, follow the Floodwall sidewalk, continue on Railroad at Suntrust, right onto the Lee bridge (best views on the course - very wide shoulder here, 2nd street & Riverside Dr ramp will be closed), right on Byrd, right on 5th, across 5th street footbridge onto Brown's Island, left onto canal walk ... don't forget to check out all the local artist murals! Bear right on path along the flood wall, left onto 14th st sidewalk, left down ramp beside Southern Railway Taphouse. Head back along the Canal Walk to VA Capital trail. The Half Iron athletes will turn around at a cone and start a second loop. You will run a two loop course before heading back to the Park for the finish. This course will be a great break for road race boredom and give you a sense of history and picturesque scenery. There will be aid stations with Gatorade every mile, some over lapping due to the 2 loop run course. Run course closes 3:15pm. This is 8 hrs from the last swim wave start. Runners must stay on sidewalks during the race where applicable.

Race course cut off time enforced at 8hrs

Half Run Course Map *Revised 9-15-16

Sprint & Olympic Run Course Map *Revised 9-13-16


Transition Map

2016 Richmond Rox Transition Map


Swim Exit to Transition map