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Course Descriptions


Ages 5 - 8: swim 2 lengths of the pool (up and back) equal to 50 meters.

Ages 9 - 14: swim 4 lengths of the pool (up and back twice) equal to 100 meters.

There will be 2 kids per lap lane and 12 kids per swim heat

There will be no DQs for hanging on the lane line, using a kickboard, or resting on the wall. Kids will be seeded based on their estimated swim times entered at registration. Lifeguards will be on hand during warm up and race. Swim caps are not required for pool swim triathlons.


Bike course is a loop course on Hickory Park Drive.

Ages 5 - 8: ride 1 lap (1.8 miles)

Ages 9 - 14: ride 3 laps (4.8 miles)

Volunteers will be on hand to mark the child's arm with a marker to help them count laps if the child wants to stop. A timing mat will be set up on the far end of the bike course to verify lap counts, but it is the child's responsibility to count during the race. 

The right-hand lane (against the shoulder) of Hickory Park Drive and Hickory Bend Drive will be coned for cyclists. Please make sure your child knows to stay on the RIGHT side of the road. Police will stop traffic at the ends of the course, but must permit neighborhood vehicles access via the two center lanes. 

Training wheels are allowed. Parents will not be allowed to run along with their child on their bikes. ONE parent will be allowed to enter the transition area prior to the race for the 5-8 yr. old division only. No parents will be permitted in transition during the race. 



Run course is a loop course completely on YMCA property.

Ages 5 - 8: 1 lap (0.5 mile)

Ages 9 - 14: 2 laps (1 mile)