Course Maps


Swim Map

This is a 400 meter "snake" swim in an outdoor 25 meter pool. Ladies start one at a time swim up and down lane 1, go under the lane line, then repeat in lanes 2 through 8 for a total of 400 meters. Swimmers will start at 10-15 second intervals. Swim caps are not required for pool swim triathlons.

The lanes are 4 ½ to 5 ½ feet deep, the slide well is the only place that’s 6 feet deep and you ladies better not be going down the slide!

The swim cut-off time is 18 minutes. * swim course record held by Abigail Num 4:57


Bike Course Map

A new map was uploaded on 7/15/14 showing the new round-about on Coalfield Road at Queensgate Road and the end of Miner's Trail Road where the turn around point is located. Racers still go straight through this intersection all the way to the end of Coalfield, then down Miner's Trail to the cul-de-sac where there is a wide turn-around area.

The 11 mile bike course is on rolling roads through Chesterfield County. Police & directional volunteers will be at all major intersections but the course is not closed to traffic. The main course goes through Charter Colony Parkway. There is a good hill coming back up Charter Colony pkwy, be prepared and do some training on hills to help you prepare. It is a slightly shorter course than most sprints but not without its own challenges. The bike course is closed at 10am, police and volunteers are released. Hypothetically, if you are one of the last to get in the pool at 8:30am, with an 18 min cutoff, you will exit the pool at 8:48am. You will have 72 minutes to complete 11 miles on the bike course or an average of 9.4miles per hour. *bike course record held by Renee Kunnen 31:01. Aquabike (swim and bike only) athletes will finish their race at the Bike Dismount line and will get their medals in Transition.


Run Course Map

The 5k course follows paved pathways around a beautiful lake through the Midlothian mines park and into adjoining neighborhoods with one hill in "the Grove" neighborhood on your way back to the YMCA. There will be aid stations each mile with water and Gatorade. Get ready for your all male volunteers to cheer you on. They are always excited to out on the run course aid stations for you with a new theme at each one! There is a big hill coming out of the Grove on your way back to the Midlo Y. It is downhill on the way out, flat around the lake, rolling in the neighborhood, but the last half mile is tough up hill on Woolridge back home. Be prepared in practice, do some fun hill repeats with a buddy and you will be ready. Run course closes at 11am, all volunteer and police support is released at that time. Including the swim and bike cutoff times, you will have about 1 hour to finish the run or a walkers pace of 3.1 mph, not including transition times. So don't lolly gag around in transition, get moving, you can do it! It's a race! * run course record held by Kathleen Lautzenheiser 20:05 ( 2010 the year the course went through Walton Park due to lake construction )

Swim course / Transition / Finish area Map

*This map reflects the old direction of the swim with the use of just one pool. Please refer to the swim map above for current swim direction. 

Parking Map

Race courses subject to change