Pink Power Triathlon


  • 2019 ATHLETE GUIDE POSTED - click to download PDF. 
  • We are extremely excited to have Angus Dentistry  on board as our Presenting Sponsor for the Pink Power Triathlon. Dr Rebecca Angus is a not just a local business owner that has chosen to support the sport, but is a triathlete herself. 
    "I am proud to sponsor the Pink Power Triathlon and I cheer on all the courageous women and girls who train hard and participate in this great race! See you on the course!" - Rebecca Angus, DDS 

The Scoop!

  • All women... regardless of age /color / religion /ability /weight /whatever "label" that exists... just doesn't matter. Show off or don't, this tri is a happy place! 
  • It's near the end of summer, so you have all year to train. It's your time, ladies! Reunite with your best friends, mom, daughter, cousin, college buddy, high school bud, niece, neighborhood, or women's group. Participate as an individual or as a relay team. Many race options are available: individual, relay, athena, aquabike (no run).
  • Pool swim at the Midlothian YMCA : the pool is a heated, outdoor 25 meter lap. This year we use BOTH pools to speed up the swim start: only half the wait! Not comfortable with swimming? No problem! Walk it, breast stroke, back stroke, hang on the lane line, wait at the wall... "breathe" ... but just make forward progress!
  • 11.9 mile rolling bike course does have a few good hills
  • 5K Run course winds through the beautiful Midlothian Mines park and adjacent neighborhood


The mission of United Athletics is to pair local athletes and individuals who require physical assistance to participate in a variety of events – swimming, biking, running, and triathlon races. Participation in sporting events promotes both social inclusion and fellowship in a healthy athletic environment.

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