Interested in volunteering at the 2017 Powersprint Tri?

Powersprint Triathlon 

Sun. May 21

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You will receive a confirmation email after you register.  If you do not receive one or would like to volunteer after online registration closes please contact us at info@gotoelevenracing.com.   

Please read Frequently Asked Questions about volunteering. 

Please know that YOU (yes, YOU) can be the difference between someone having a bummer of a day and having a great race experience. Will you be the course marshal at the critical intersection that keeps everyone from getting lost? Will you be the one holding the cup of water that runner needs to make it to the finish line?

Go To Eleven Racing will make a donation of $10/volunteer to school/community groups of 10 or more.

 Below are the specific requirements for Powersprint:

Position Arrival Time Responsibilities Needed for this race
Bike Course Marshal 6am Direct bikers where to turn & encourage them as they pass by. You might also be responsible for asking cars in local neighborhoods to turn around, or wait for an opening before driving onto the course.

*Must have transportation to drive to a location on the bike course (up to 6 miles away).
Food Table 7am You'll be serving food, grabbing extra napkins, refilling water jugs, etc. 2
Motorcycle Marshal 20min before race start There are typically 2 motorcycle marshals for each race:

1. Referee Escort: Someone to ride with the USAT official around the course. Your bike must have the capacity to carry one passenger. You will loop the course several times, and go wherever the USAT official asks you to.

2. Leadout / Sweep: Someone to ride out front of the first biker. You can use any bike for this. You must be familiar with the course, and all you do is escort the first biker through the course. This helps to alert volunteers and Police that the bikers are coming through. Once you return to the transition area, you are finished, but you may choose to wait a few minutes and then go back out to follow the last cyclist in.
1 each
Parking 4:45am You will direct athletes (and spectators) where to park, and where not to park.  

This position is best served by assertive people who are comfortable saying, "No."
Post-race Tear Down 11am We usually need more help with the race itself, but if you would like to arrive later & help with tear-down, that'd be great.

You can expect to be taking apart bike racks, moving boxes, coolers, pulling down fencing, etc.
Race Day Registration 5am We typically only need 1 or 2 volunteers for this slot. For those athletes signing up race morning, you'll help get them everything they need.

This position works with one or more members of the Go To Eleven race staff.

With 3 different races that are picking up packets, you'll help keep everything organized. 
Run Course Marshal 6am

You will be given a flag and assigned to a specific area or intersection on the run course. You will cheer on the athletes & direct them where to go. You might also be responsible for asking cars in local neighborhoods to turn around, or wait for an opening before driving onto the course.
The furthest point on the run course is 0.75 miles away from the start/finish area, so a bike might help you get to your spot, but is not necessary

Transition Area 5:15am This position requires many volunteers to fill a variety of positions. Hand out water, body markings, chip handout, directional assistance, bike mount/dismount, post-race bike removal, spectator control, etc.

Please be flexible as you may be moved around to help out with various tasks throughout the morning.
Finish Line / Chip removal 7am Cheer loud and be supportive! You're the first ones the athletes see when they finish. You put their finisher medal around their neck and remove their timing chip from their ankle.  4
Water Stop  8am

There are TWO water stops out on the run course. You will be responsible for filling up cups & handing out water and sports drink to the athletes as they run by.

One water stop is at the transition area, and the other is 0.5 miles down the road ( a 7-8 minute walk). 

This is great for school groups or teams of school-age kids, teens, or families. Each water stop needs 4-5 people. 

Saturday Equipment Setup Anywhere from 12pm-5pm We usually need more help on Sunday with the race itself, but if you would like to help out & can only make it on Saturday, we could use an extra hand with setup.

You might be marking courses, lifting bike racks, setting up fencing, moving boxes, filling coolers, or a variety of other tasks.
Saturday Packet Pickup 12:45pm - 4:15pm Sat Packet pickup occurs the day before the race,  from 1-4pm. 
You'll assist with table setup, gathering materials, answering questions & providing information for athletes.

This position works with one or more members of the Go To Eleven race staff.
Wherever I'm Needed 6am These are our Up For Anything Rock Stars! If you have no preference or time constraints, feel free to select this option. We can use your help wherever we need it most on race day. As many as possible!
Course Captain * Do you have volunteer experience and feel you're capable of leading others? We need your help, and will reward you with a race entry. Read more about the Course Captain positions here and then email us.