Course Maps


Due to the continued development of the Twin Hickory/ Shady Grove area, we have been required by our local law enforcement partners to make changes to our bike & run courses in order to receive permits. Please stay tuned for the updated course maps.

Swim Course Map    Transition

Course Descriptions


300 meter pool "snake" swim (25 meter pool).

Racers start one at a time, swim up and down lane 1, go under the lane line and repeat in lanes 2 through 6 for a total of 300 meters. Swimmers will start at 10-15 second intervals. Swim caps are not required for pool swim triathlons.

The swim cut-off time is 15 minutes.


Interactive Bike Map Link - Click Here

Printable PDF - The bike course is a rolling to flat, counter-clockwise loop course through rural parts of Henrico, Hanover, and Goochland Counties. The route has changed a bit for 2017. Police & course markings will be at all major intersections. The actual course distance is approximately 11.7miles depending on what device you use to measure it.


Run Map Link - Click Here

Updated PDF Course map coming -This year the course is a double out and back (3 U-turns) through one of Richmond's premier neighborhoods, Twin Hickory. There will be aid stations with water and gatorade.


You will exit the lap pool and run along a carpeted path through the family pool, along the exterior of the YMCA building, and to the asphalt parking lot. Exit the transition area at the end facing Twin Hickory Road towards the mount line. 

You will return on Twin Hickory through the same entrance/exit. Enter transition through the "top" and exit through the "bottom", or the same end you entered from the swim. You'll make a U-turn to your right to start the run course, where you'll find a water/Gatorade station.