Interested in volunteering at the 2018 Tour de Midnight?

If you're ready to sign up to volunteer, please click the Register Now button above. You will receive a confirmation email after you register.  If you do not receive one or would like to volunteer after online registration closes please contact us at info@gotoelevenracing.com.   

Please read 
Frequently Asked Questions about volunteering. 

 Below are the specific requirements for the Tour:

Position Arrival Time Responsibilities Needed for this event
Bike Course Marshal 1hr before ride start Direct cyclist where to turn & encourage them as they pass by. You might also be responsible for asking cars in local neighborhoods to turn around, or wait for an opening before driving onto the course.

*Must have transportation to drive to a location on the bike course (up to 8 miles away).
Motorcycle Marshal 30 min before ride start There are typically 2 motorcycle marshals for each race:

1. Mechanical Support: If you're also a bicyclist and are familiar with changing flat tires, fixing dropped chains, etc, we'll dispatch you to riders in need of assistance. 

2.Leadout / Sweep: Someone to ride out front of the first cyclist. You can use any bike for this. You must be familiar with the course, and all you do is escort the first cyclist through the course. This helps to alert volunteers and Police that the cyclists are coming through. Once you return to the event area, you are finished, but we may ask you to go back out and then go back out to follow the last cyclist in.
Parking 1hr 45min before race start You will direct athletes (and spectators) where to park, and where not to park within the Industrial park.

This position is best served by assertive people who are comfortable saying, "No."
Post-rideTear Down 4-5 hr after ride start We usually need more help with the event itself, but if you would like to arrive later & help with tear-down, that'd be great.

You can expect to be taking apart bike racks, moving boxes, coolers, pulling down fencing, etc.
Race Day Registration 1hr 45min before ride start We typically only need 1 or 2 volunteers for this slot. For those athletes signing up race morning, you'll help get them everything they need.

This position works with one or more members of the event staff.
Finish Line 30 minutes before ride start Cheer loud and be supportive! You're the first ones the athletes see when they finish. Help at the finish line as riders finish by providing them with support and food as necessary.  4
Aid Station 1 hr before ride start There are 3 aid stations out on the run course. You will be responsible for filling up cups & handing out water and sports drink to the cyclists as they come in.

*Transportation is required (the farthest aid stations may be as much as 30 miles from Midnight Brewery)
Friday Packet Pickup Friday evening Packet pickup occurs the day before the ride 
You'll assist with table setup, gathering materials, answering questions & providing information for athletes.

This position works with one or more members of the event staff.
Wherever I'm Needed 1 hr before race start These are our Up For Anything Rock Stars! If you have no preference or time constraints, feel free to select this option. We can use your help wherever we need it most on ride day. As many as possible!