Go To Eleven Racing is an event production company, started in October of 2015. The owner had worked as logistics coordinator and Race Director for the previous owners of these events before purchasing the events and going out on his own. We specialize in triathlons but also have experience in running event production as well (stay tuned for more running events on our calendar in the future!). "Go To Eleven" is an obscure '80's-movie quote, referring to a dial goes up past 10 to 11. Simply put, it is a metaphor for going 110%. We aim to give that little bit extra to make your race day great. 

Go To Eleven Racing, Turn it up a notch!

We spend many hours & resources networking with local non-profit organizations (i.e. Greater Richmond YMCA, Sportable, United Athletics) to support their mission financially and personally. We also donate to school groups for volunteering at our events. Each one of our events raises funds to support local charities. We are currently accepting applications for Charity Beneficiaries for the 2016 season.

These awesome companies choose to take the lead in financially supporting the event; therefore the event is named after them. These partners have a passion for sports and fitness and demonstrate their support for local community events.

The companies next in rank to the title sponsor are the Presenting Sponsors, and they are listed everywhere the race name is listed.

Go To Eleven Racing:

    • Finds the best available venues to host our events
    • Educates ourselves on the sports of swimming, biking, and running
    • Constantly listens to you about your expectations and how we can exceed them
    • Works with local training groups to offer the best training plans available to help you race your best
    • Designs race courses, creates course maps
    • Partners with Charity programs
    • Coordinates with local city and county police
    • Contracts & coordinates all levels of land and water safety & EMS
    • Quantifies and contracts safety equipment
    • Has a strong social media presence on Facebook and Twitter
    • Communicates to athletes and market
    • Conducts athlete briefings
    • Acts as a Liaison with USAT, our national insurance and governing body
    • Organizes clinics
    • Organizes pre rides and swims
    • Organizes packet pick up logistics and design
    • Finds win-win Sponsorships/Partner organizations and activates those agreements
    • Race day set up/tear down
    • Monitors river safety and conducts tests for water quality
    • Maintenance of all equipment, orders, upgrades
    • Timing contracting and coordination
    • Data profile management
    • Website design and editing
    • Signage
    • Marketing - including: print, radio, media
    • Volunteer recruitment
    • Volunteer organization partnerships, delegation and training
    • Logo and graphics design
    • Shirt and swag ordering & design for races and sponsors
    • Accounting and budget reporting
    • Permit contracts with applications
    • Brings in relevant Vendors
    • Parking logistics & road closures

We believe in lowering the barriers to entry into triathlon. Don't own a bike? Unsure about open water? We have a program to connect swimmers with bikers, or runners with swimmers, or any combination so people can race and be a part of the fun even if you don't know someone. Email info@gotoelevenracing.com and we will help find you a match!

By registering early you can save on registration costs and are guaranteed a race shirt.

Yes and no. These swims are sanctioned and insured by USA Triathlon and organized/produced by Go To Eleven Racing as a free service to the triathlon community. We do not collect entry fees for the swims. If you are a USAT annual member, there is no fee. If it is a swim that is part of the Tavern Triathlon race weekend, and you are registered, there is no fee. If you are not a USAT member and it is not the Tavern weekend, you need to fill out a USAT waiver and pay the USAT one-day membership fee $15. Click here on USAT member benefits.

Go to the race calendar page and click update my info button beside the race you are registered for. You will need your confirmation number from the email you received when you registered. You may change your swim time up until registration closes, Wednesday 7:59pm of race week. If you cannot find your confirmation email, there is a button to click and RaceIT will send it to you.

You will need to bring your Photo ID & a USAT membership card if you are an annual USAT member. If you purchased the $15 one-day license in during checkout, just bring your photo ID. And pants. Please wear pants. Please note YOU MAY NOT PICK UP SOMEONE ELSE'S PACKET. NO ONE ELSE MAY PICK UP YOUR PACKET FOR YOU AT TRIATHLON EVENTS. 

Check out Gear Checklist for what you might need to bring on race day.

Swim caps are optional for pool swim races but required for open water swim races: I Love The Tavern Tri and Naylor's Beach Tri.

You will pick up your timing chip race morning, at a pre-determined tent near transition. Check the website, attend the briefing, and/or read the race director emails for the exact location.

To participate in any USAT sanctioned race, you must have an annual USAT membership or must purchase a one day $15 membership for insurance purposes. You can purchase a one day permit with race registration or at packet pickup. To purchase a one day $15 membership at packet pick-up, you must bring your photo ID and cash or check. No credit cards will be accepted. An annual USAT license is $50 per year. Go to our USAT Info page for more detail.

You can purchase an annual USA Triathlon membership license for $50 per year by going HERE.

USA Triathlon is the national sanctioning body for our sport, and insures you on race day. To be sure everyone plays it safe, there is a rulebook to follow.

Most Frequently Violated Rule List
Full Rulebook

Aquabike is a division for people that do not like to run or have knee injuries, etc. Participants will swim and bike only... no running. This division of the sport was created to give athletes the opportunity to race and stay in the tri scene without running. Aquabike is now nationally ranked by USAT. This individual division will have its own award category.

Wetsuits will only be allowed if the water temperature is below 78.0 degrees farenheit. You will hear this referred to as "Wetsuit Legal." If the water temperature exceeds 78.0 degrees but is less than 84.0 degrees, an athlete may wear a wetsuit but will be INELIGIBLE for awards and national ranking consideration. If the water temperature is 84.0 degrees or higher, the use of wetsuits is strictly prohibited.

Approved Skin Suits

We can mail out awards, but there is a postage, handling, and shipping fee of $10. Please email info@gotoelevenracing.com. We strongly suggest you stay and enjoy the post-race festivities... there are plenty of folks who don't even realize they've won an award until they get home!