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We publish results on our web site and also make race recaps available through email subscription on site or by email to

*Due to the numerous requests and events in Richmond and our commitment to keep our newsletters brief, we do not promote other events or races unless there is an agreement in place.

Event Coverage

Media Credentials

We encourage all media to attend our events. Media should request credentials through However, there may be a limitation on the number of credentials issued for a specific event.

Tips for Recreational Photographers

Recommended viewing areas are surrounding the swim start, swim finish, transition area and finish line. Photographers from the media may wish to wade into shallow water to shoot the swim start. It can often be difficult to determine the best place from which to photograph the transition, though it's usually near the entrance or exit. Please contact us in advance to find out where the entrance and exit will be and set up. Often the swim entrance and the run exit are the best places for quality photographs, because the athletes are moving slower and are upright (many times cyclists are bent over adjusting their shoes). Please be careful near the transition area. Stay outside of the fencing and out of the flow of traffic.  All Go To Eleven events are photographed by our contracted partner with an exclusive right to take and sell photographs.

Medical Note

The medical tent, EMS squad, or building is usually located near the finish line and is always closed to media. As with all sports, the safety and privacy of the athletes is of top importance, please be respectful of the circumstances and authority of the medical personnel, volunteers, racers, spectators, and Go To Eleven race staff.